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Unai Emery Signs Another Aston Villa Extension Until 2029

Aston Villa have handed manager Unai Emery a new contract until the summer of 2029.

PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS: Crystal Palace 5 Aston Villa 0

Crystal Palace hand Aston Villa a brutal beating on the final day of the season.

Italy's Zaniolo Ruled Out Of EURO 2024 With Injury

Italy will once again be without Nicolo Zaniolo for the upcoming European Champi...

Unai Emery Revels In Aston Villa's Champions League Qua...

Unai Emery has expressed delight after his Aston Villa side sealed fourth spot t...

PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS: Aston Villa 3 Liverpool 3

Aston Villa score two late goals to snatch a point against Liverpool.

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