Benefit Inclusion Policy

Our “Benefit Inclusion” policy provides opportunity to all duly registered Members of our platform (GOODFORFANS.COM) to create and grow Social or Friends Groups - relating to SPORTS interests. Owners of such Groups stand a chance to earn income from Advertising Revenues where Advertisers request to have their Ad content placed directly on such Groups for promotion purposes.
• Group Owners or Admins for such groups will earn 60% of Ad revenue (Gross OR Net, depending on the Tax regime, Laws and Regulations of their geographical location or Country).
• Group Owners or Admins are allowed and in fact, encouraged to look for Advertisers who may be willing and ready to promote their Products or Brands on their Group pages for the said reward. When Group Owners or Admins find interested advertisers, they should communicate it to GOODFORFANS.COM through [email protected] for the necessary arrangements, customizations and processes to be initiated.
• In a situation where two or more persons are known to be Group Admins for one Group, GOODFORFANS.COM will deal with the Account Owner under whose name the said Group was created by way of correspondence, unless, the circumstances require that a different and more flexible approach for communication is adopted.
• Group Owners or Admins are advised to closely observe our Terms and Conditions as well as all other Regulations that govern this platform.
• Creation of fake or multiple Membership account is seriously prohibited.
• Ad and Revenue generation policies may be reviewed and updated as and when necessary.

Our Predictions section works to reward you as a User for keeping us alive and relevant.
On your first entry to this section, you are strongly advised to upload your true facial passport-sized profile picture. Remember this is a very important exercise as this image will be verified against your picture on your ID card for reward payment, if you become a Winner on this platform.
Our Predictions section runs from the start of the major football leagues season (August) until the mid-season (In December). At the end of this period, the top five (5) points builders will receive cash rewards of $500, $200, $100, $100, $100, in that order. Remember there may be many activities along the way.
To answer the prediction questions, you select or type in your answer for each question and submit them independently. Where you intend to change an answer submitted already, use the “Edit” button to reset the question and provide your new answer and re-submit it.
Please, remember that there can be more than one match ready for predictions for some days. Do not ignore them as doing so may negatively affect your Points Build-up.
When an “Active Match” on expires and the actual match or game on the field is over, our Admins feed the system with actual statistics about the said match or game, thereby activating the process of points build-up and positioning of Users who have participated in the predictions for that match or game. This process is repeated cumulatively for a period of time (to be determined by in order to declare the amount of points gathered by participating Members and their respective positions for reward payment, if it is so intended.
On some occasions, a match or more may be uploaded for a 'short' period predictions, intended to reward participants in a form of a 'Jackpot'. On such occasions, the regular predictions described above may be withheld temporarily to make way for such 'Jackpot' predictions.