'Mind Your Business'- Laporta Warns Whining Rivals Over Barca Spending Spree

Joan Laporta has warned Barcelona's rivals to cease questioning how the club is funding their summer spending spree.

Despite the club's highly publicised financial predicaments, Barcelona have not held back in the summer transfer window, bringing in Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessie on free transfers while spending big on Raphinha, Robert Lewandowski and Jules Kounde.

Barcelona have recently signed a lucrative deal with Spotify and sold 25 percent of their future TV rights to generate revenue.

Just a year ago Barcelona were unable to put together a financial package to retain Lionel Messi, who left as a free agent to Paris Saint Germain.

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann questioned how the Blaugrana were able to sign Lewandowski but Laporta is having none of that.

He told reporters: "What I would ask is that you look at your current account, they have received significant money from the transfer of Lewandowski. I respect everyone and do not interfere in the economy of other."

Laporta added: "I give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they thought we couldn't, but they hadn't gauged the strength of Barca and the drive of the new board.

"It is ignorance, lack of information from our club. It is true that we were in a terminal situation, but we left the hospital with the levers and these gentlemen have remained on a page that we have turned."

"If I don't get involved in what others do, they shouldn't get involved in what we do," he said.

"Perhaps they do it because they think that we will continue to act in the market and they see that we have surpassed them. Let them worry about their own.

He continued: "Barca is competitive again and will compete in all competitions. The weight and strength of a club with more than 122 years of history is very great, its assets are highly valued. 

"It is true that I would have liked not to sell the percentage of television rights, but the situation was complicated and required being brave and making decisions, because football does not wait and our fans, who are very well accustomed, deserve a club like Barca to compete. Our demands are greater than those of others."

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