Cardiologist Warns Eriksen May Be Forced Into Early Retirement From Football

A leading Cardiologist, Dr. Scott Murray, has warned that Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen may be forced into an early retirement from football.

Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest in Denmark’s EURO 2020 opener against Finland on Saturday.

The 29-year-old Inter Milan midfielder collapsed on the turf on the cusp of halftime and received lengthy treatment on the pitch by medics before being taken to hospital, where he is recuperating well.

Murray told MailOnline: 'It probably is (the end of his career) for him. The Italians stop people participating in sport if they are found to have a significant cardiac abnormality, it's in law.

'They've been doing that for a long time, beyond 20 years and they've reduced the death rates from cardiac arrests in sport from beyond 3 per cent down to below one per cent.'

'He (Eriksen) comes from an Italian club so he must have had all of the tests before he started. The Italians are the best at screening for heart disease in competitive athletes.

'Italy has the greatest pre-participation screening in the world which tries to reduce events, but he still has an event on the pitch. So even if you screen, it can still happen.

'It's going to be difficult for him to eliminate, he's still going to have that 0.01 per cent of people who will still have something happen.'

'He will require an ECG - a 12-lead electro cardiogram which measures the electrical activity in the heart to see what is going on,' the NHS doctor claimed. 'That can give various indicators into why this may have happened.