Capello Urges Italy To Invite Mourinho and Klopp To Coverciano Conference

Former Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello has urged the Italian Football Federation to invite Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho in the upcoming conference to help revive the Italian Football.

Capello addressed the plight of Serie A teams in European competitions and also pointed out to the standard of the coaching system in Italy.

Serie A used to be the best league at some point in Europe but the standard seems to have declined in recent years.

A team from Italy has not lifted the Champions League since 2010 when Mourinho led Inter Milan to glory against Bayern Munich.

In an interview with Corriere dello Sport, Capello claimed Klopp and Mourinho should be invited to Coverciano and believes Inter Milan have already won the Scudetto

"There are four German coaches in the Champions League quarter-finals, Klopp, Tuchel, Terzic and Flick. And look at what Guardiola is doing," Capello said.

"He changed his defensive phase. He wants Cancelo to press high up the pitch and play in midfield, so he has more space to recover the ball when he loses it.

"Ancelotti won many trophies abroad, Conte and Sarri too, Ranieri won the Premier League with Leicester.

"Quality is the real problem. Here in Italy we have many champions in their 30s who are still making the difference. Ronaldo, Ribery, Ibra, Palacio, Chiellini. That must mean something.

"A former footballer who follows the coaching course in Coverciano told me they invite fashionable rather than concrete coaches to take class.

"They should invite Klopp or Mourinho, the best ones, and return to coaching basic technique. It's a vast issue that would deserve a lot of time for a debate."

Capello was asked to name his best coaches in Italy, and the 74-year-old said: "Conte and Gasperini. Conte changed his mind and returned to playing concrete football. Gasp is the only one with a European mentality," Capello said.

"I like Gotti too. He is not showing off. He does simple things and respects the material he has.

"Inter have already won the Scudetto. They won it when Milan lost against Spezia."